is riding the “KarenDK26” thing – but are they behind it?


A few minutes ago, I noticed that the Denmark based CMS company,, had begun running Google ads on the “Danish mother seeking” keywords. The ad says “Do like Karen from Denmark – and create a free website at”

As you may know, Mindjumpers actually were the first to suggest as the company behind the viral video-campagin – “Danish Mother Seeking”, posted by the Youtube account, “KarenDK26”. Even though this definitely does not look like one of the founders of, as stated in the post, the analysis behind the suggestion is correct, since has a lot to win from this campagin. is hosting the really amateurish website, where the fictional Karen figure (a.k.a. Ditte Arnth ) presents herself and her little son. I can’t really remember if anyone actually checked this with – but they have had quite a silent life, since their launch over a year ago, so a good viral campagin could be just what they needed.

But even if they didn’t make the campaign, they are now riding the viral wave and cashing in on it with ads on Google. Good for you, folks@Mono – enjoy the ride ;o)

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